Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey all you honeys out there, I really miss the times I made pics before my vacation. If I look back now I felt so much better then. Even if you just check out my older posts, you see the further you go back the happier I look. I'm just glowing. So these pics are from that time 'cuz I just needed some glowieness haha. And well as long as things won't be looking so good I'm just gonna make my own happiness and just glow, think positive and laugh, oh how I miss laughing.

Well today my buddy Richard went by, and I gave him the blog name so I hope he'll read this and is honoured to be in this little text haha, anyway he makes me laugh so thanks fransie! I'll be blogging, posting and most of all glowing very soon again. Because even if you force a smile, you still smiled and that fake smile will turn into a real smile 'cuz it can only get better from now on.


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  1. echt heel vet gedaan zo die 4 foto's hihi, dankjewel voor je reactie het was ook echt geweldig! ik zou zo weer terug gaan x