up tothe date

This is what I got in the mail the other day, and my ultimate snow proof, without being uggs, boots :)

This is a photo of two ''body shapes''..... me is in the back and me in the future is in front :) :) here's hopin'

 This is the ever oh so fantastic miss. Rumi
 This is one of the best winter outfits I've seen
 These two are called, INCREDIBLE
 This makes me regret I cut my hair
 This is uber stylish Catherine baba, being winter-y and all
 This is not fair
 This makes me wanna buy pink sequin leggings
 This is me with my beautiful friend Roosie
 This was before party hardy

This is the dream

 This is cute
 This is the awesomest dress I've ever seen in the whole 16 years and 8 months I'm alive

2 opmerkingen:

  1. great collection!!! i loove loove loove the dress on the last picture <3
    lovely blog!!!
    xx andie