OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LORD this has been some time ago

Jesus I've really let this blog thing go huh haha, well I might just start back up again

I do have a really good reason for not being here, not gonna go there let's just say my life has been turned upside down 46 times orso and I AM ON, to start fresh

Tomorrow is my first day at new school, which is the best option for my condition ( since my accident )
anyway I think it will be goooood, meeting new people working on my future and when I graduate I wanna go to AMFI which is a school for design, here's hoping

This afternoon I'm gonna go shopping wif mommy and I might post a pic if I'm not to tired

My lil camera is officially dead, my other one is err blurry, so I have to get working on that.

FOR NOW I THOUGHT I'LL SHOW YOU SOME PICS TAKEN IN MY ABSENSE  why the aggresiveness with the big letters??

Here we goooooo

This is my new baby, I got for my 17th birthday, she's now 7 months so still a puppsyfloppsy but she was cuter here. Her name's Beertje, which means Lil' bear :)

A pic I don't think I ever posted, this was a while ago, but I was happy with my new sweater ( men's sweater hehe )

I think this is the most recent picture I've taken, so you now know what I look like now ( Ha! what a sentenceee )

These are the sweetest gurls ever, I know I look faaaaaaaat, but it's also the lighting, and the shirt, and my skin's so white ( tan makes you look slimmer ) and the camera makes fat
WELL THERE YOU GO, lotta reasons why I LOOK fat..........
well who am I kidding haha

Oh that brings me to the fact that I swear im gonna slim down and be healthy

God this new start thing, I want everything changed haha

I might just show pic's of my slim down ''adventure'' ( and you should read that as sarcastic(ly?) as you can :)

If I'm really doing it :)

o o o almost forgot, wanna see my ultimate inspiration? I 'll just give you a few, because this post is already so tiring haha

As you can see, still into the vintage as always,
but I'm digging menswear as well lately, LOTS of preppy haha my friends laugh at me and talk all posh it's quite funny , and I think I have been walking around with that loose bambi bun for months now, also the eybrow trend ... ( even though it's quite over haha, me likey )

And don't get me started on the BEY foto ...

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