Metallica Everywhere

Excuse me I have to go now, stock up on silver and gold and strass and anything.
I want to get a silver vintage jacket, well good luck to me, anything will do though ANYTHING

looooooooooottalove xoxo


Mary Katrantzou Autumn/Winter '12 '13

I just loooooooooooved the make-up for this show, so I decided to recreate the look, I think it turned out ok only if I would do it without cheating I'd have to lose the mascara but hey I ain't no model.

lottalooove x



I wanted to do an outfit pic but my big camera failed on me, I was wearing Vintage balloon sweater, leather leggings and heals.

off to bed now



I am thinking about inserting more vintage into my wardrobe, well not even thinking I'm just doing it. Aiming for the Zoe Kravitz, Rita Ora look, starting with these new vintage sunnies.

Have we seen the sunnies at all angles?? haha, my neighbours across the streets' window is parralel to mine and about 20 feet away, they must be thinking, loooooooooooonatic



Stole my bro's camera and made pictures listening to IIIII wanna dance with somebody

All the pictures looked soooooo bad, well not the pictures but me hehe, so later I did some with a white sweater and those turned out better, guess black is not my color....... and I wear it ALL THE TIME ....-___-
New vintage shirt I bought, excuuuuses for the goofy face expression, anyway I love them big wide tent shirts, I'm gonna wear 'm with a ripped jeans, in summer tugged in a hotpant and today I wore 'm with pink jeans. 

Have a lovely sundaaay, it's snowing out here, I'll have to put something warmer on for outsides.

lottalove xoxo

I am so sad :(

Well I hope so much that she is in a better place now and she and MJ are dancing and singing in heaven.