Pardon my French, well Dutch actually because I don't even speak French

That is not entirely true, I can say; Je ne parle pas Francais. Which means I don't speak French. Which is not really the best thing you should learn, because French people will hear something French and start talking to you anyway.

G'day lovelies!!!!

O M G, I haven't blogged in forever and I am sorry. I had a crashed computer, health problems ( as always ) exams, best friend intervention, and maaaaany more things.

I wanna get a new camera because the one on my Blackberry is so bad it should be illegal.
I also wanna get a tattoo and I was meant to get one a few weeks ago, that's another story, so I wanted to really get it this week. PROBLEMO; I am leaving for Spain in a few weeks and you can't tan or swim with a new tattoo, so I had to pospone it. And might I say I handled that as an adult, being ok with waiting instead of a troubled teenager and saying F*** to that.

Although I am lying if I didn't swear when I found out.

Let's talk fashion!! I gasped at that fashion, because I have missed blogging about fashion.

This summer I am going for bandeau tops, pink! pastels, lace, skirts, old hollywood glam, everything really, I always experiment so much in summer, summer's always when I bloom, fashionwise.
And also I already try to make plans for my upcoming winter wardrobe.

What I really want this week:
a beige trenchcoat
heels, heels, heels
more bandeau tops ( they are perfect for underneath all those sheer tops)
a few straw hats ( I m going for a french / Jean Seberg vibe )
a few good, awesomely comforty shorts

and THAT is just this week! haha

So for all the people that thought; I am not gonna read that shit above.
Here are some things I want, like and inpire me

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