Miss miss-match


I was feeling very pinky as you can see, you can also see what the weather is like. One minute it's nice and sunny and the other it's cloudy and moody. bah.

Anyway I like how when I have my hair down it looks more rockish whereas with my hair in a bun ( every day I put my hair up and down several times, people are like : oh your hair's up again, oh now it's down, damn woman can't you choose? no I can not )

Anytime I put something pink on, I sing THINK PINK! from funny face, I love that scene :)

Now I'm off bikini shopping for barca.

see u next post lovelies



Chanel makes me attempt speaking French, non?

Here we goooo

Even though I am not smiling but attempting model-ish poses in the pictures I looooooooooove the sunnies. They are as you can see a sort of aubergine colour, I am quirky like that haha.

But what I reaaaaaaaally love is that if I have children someday or if I'm an aunt or something I will leave them my Chanel sunglasses :) and that just sounds so cool.

Au revoir mon lovelies
see you next post



Summer loving

So today is a lovely day ( hence the Chanel bag with, yes, something of Chanel)
Just wanted to show you some last purchases.
And Barcelona next week aaah!
love xxx

 New shirt from COS, the saleslady said they also had a skirt in the same print,
might be pretty funny to have, although I bet the skirt isn't cheap and I'm not weally ( yes with a w ) skirt person, I might buy it on sale.

 So I also wanted flowers in my hair and summer in my head, so I made it happen.
Headband with the flowers from h&m

aaaaaaaaaaand now for a little preview and teasing:

I'll show you what I got in a next post.

lottalove xx




Dude looks lika lady!

The sun has come out a little yay!, but still Holland's had a pretty shitty summer so far and even now, I mean I can wear leather pants, that's not beach weather.

AAAAnywhoooo I GOT A CAMERA!!!! that has good quality and you can see it here, it's on my new phone my Sony Xsperia S and I am in looooove.

And I graduated in 2 subjects YAY!

My straw hat is H&M, top is vintage, fur is Zara, pants H&M, shoes Shoe outlet

HAVE A LOVELY DAY LOVELIES!!! wooow someones excited haha


My dog is my baby

Me and Bear, she is like my child haha