Summer loving

So today is a lovely day ( hence the Chanel bag with, yes, something of Chanel)
Just wanted to show you some last purchases.
And Barcelona next week aaah!
love xxx

 New shirt from COS, the saleslady said they also had a skirt in the same print,
might be pretty funny to have, although I bet the skirt isn't cheap and I'm not weally ( yes with a w ) skirt person, I might buy it on sale.

 So I also wanted flowers in my hair and summer in my head, so I made it happen.
Headband with the flowers from h&m

aaaaaaaaaaand now for a little preview and teasing:

I'll show you what I got in a next post.

lottalove xx

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  1. aww your hairband is so pretty.. and the top too, love the neckline! can't wait to see what you got at chanel!!:-)