Pretty much yeah, I mean I really like blogging, but I also have the big health issue as you know so I am just trying to figure a lot out in my life so not a lot of time for blogging, I will post an outfit pic soon though I found some really cute stuff lately! xxxxxxxx


Barcelona ( last bit of Spain )

So I thought I would wait untill I could upload all the pictures of my vacation, also like from my brothers and dad's , but I am just not going to haha.

So I'll just give you my pictures, sorry it took so long, but I really wanted to make a great post so now it's just going to be a fun post.

Ok so this picture obvs isn't mine but gooooogles

Brother at Starbucks

A sort of view, picture's bad shame on me

The last donut I ever ate,  I am turning my life around and becoming and being very healthy and toned. Seriously!! you will see me at the next olympics.

Some magazines I got yay!
Home sweet home



Minty ( in Spain )

I bought this mint dress at Zara in Barcelona, it was sale and chaos! but I just grabbed a white blouse ( which I had been wanting ) and then the line took so long I left my mom in the line and went on searcging for something else and this came out a winner,

I like that you can dress it down with a leather jacket or jean jacket or something and dress it up with high heels ( I bought reaaaaaally high platforms at Zara here in The Hague ) with my hair nice and a bucket of make-up it's a killer going out look.

lottalove xxxxx


Angelica Blick

I love the fact that she's not just a pretty girl ( she's breathtaking ) but takes risks and isn't afraid to be different, she's such an inspiration.



Gosh, it was so Beautiful ( Spain part 3 )

Hola guapa's,

So on the third day or so me and my mom went for a little hike, so a little more of a sporty outfit was needed.

I took this beautiful picture because the colours were so vibrant, and I would just love to live there haha.

Now we didn't have a Beautiful sunset every night, but this one kinda topped it.



Rooftop Summer ( Spain part 2 )


It felt so good to finally feel some sun!!
Holland's just really rainy and gloomy so this was just soooo nice.
I am still on a kind of high from the vaca and feeling so good :)

Here are some pictures my brother took, he was so funny giving me these exaggerated shouts like a fake photographer haha.



It all started with an airplane ( Spain part 1 )

Me and my brother in the airpane, leaving from Rotterdam. The flight to Barcelona went really good,

flying back I was so sick I refused to take a picture even though we said we would to see how tan we would have gotten haha. So instead two pictures of going to Barca.

I am wearing a top from COS with a peter pan collar, it's really cute and it went well with shorts too :)

Come fly with me let's fly, let's fly away, I kept dreaming about the series Pan Am and hearing the tune haha. ( no this is not my first time flying, I know I come across that way, it's just been a long time coming ( ooh that's also a song haha )

This was the view from the appartment, and as I am writing this my dog has decided to join me in the blogging fun, babyyyyyyyyy

okay on with the show,

This view I also sent to my good friend Richie who has gone to France for an unlimited time ( jeez I really miss him :(

aaaaaanyway he stays in the south of France ( he's working there ) and if he had a long weekend off he could have met up with me, but we couldn't, bummer :(

So I am going to figure out skype ( he's been gone for two months already, I am so slow)



How Aymeline does the leather jacket

Hey babes! and guys?

So I am back from Spain, still kind of recovering, but it was great !!!!!!!

I'm gonna upload the pictures very soon, but here I am making collages for my own computer ( I have style files, scrapbooks, collages, I take hoarding inspiration very seriously :) and I thought I could just post one.

I looooove Aymeline Valade, I love her style, her face, her body, her french accent and her wit.
And above all she is a master of le leather jacket.


Vacation Mode

First of all I would really want to thank you all for the sweet comments on my last post, it means a lot :)

Anyway I'm quite sad ( but of course beyond excited about the vacation itself ) that I have to leave you for about 10 / 12 days now because tomorrow I am off to BARCELONA!

Beyond beyond beyond excited and very much hoping the pain from the travel won't take long.

I can't really leave you like this, so some pictures to make it up to you, the pics aren't mine.

Loads of love! I will talk to you very soon

I will post pictures of my vacation and Barca on my instagram, it's larapapenhove

and if you're not on your phone: click here



It's personal

So because of my whiplash, I am not able to go to school fulltime because of all the pain ( yep I am a master in hiding it )

My accident was 2,5 years ago, I couldn't go to school anymore, I couldn't even read a childrens book for more than 1 page without seeing the letters dancing. I had/have braindamage but that got a loooooot better, that much better that I was able to take 2 subjects this year, and I am proud to say, I graduated in both of them!!!!!!!

I graduated 2 high school subjects for Havo, History and English with a 7 and an 8 ( 1 is lowest, 10 is highest)

I've come a reaaaaaaaaally long way and I mean really long. There are a lot of things I won't bore you with but I have seriously struggled and fought to get where I am now.

The pictures are just outside my school, with my certificates, I've got 2 more years ( I hope, maybe 3 ) and then I will have completely finished high school.

Anyway, for the last 2/3 years it has been babysteps and even a lot of steps back, this is one big step in the right direction :)

lottaloveeee xxx