Earcuff luf

So I ordered these cute little cutesees on welikefashion.com, and the delivery guy got them to me, yesterday already!
It's two cross earings and an earcuff, and I've been wanting an earcuff for like eveeeeeer.

So yesterday was another hot day ( today's a little colder ) I styled it with a light snake-printed blouse and some cut offs.

I'm off to go buy some eyeliner now, I'm almost out of eyeliner, and a girl's gotta have some good eyeliner.

lots of love


Throwback Saturday

This is about two years ago, when my walls were still blue and pink and green and yellow, when I thought I was fat but really wasn't, when I thought I wasn't going to be sick for more than two years, when I believed I could still be a dancer and it was all just a bad dream.


Maybe it's time


So I've been having a big setback in my rehabilitation proces lately ( for new readers: I've had an accident and I'm left with a whiplash and braindamage ) it's a pretty bad one this time, so I've been very sad these days.

Being in pain every single day without even a second of pain relief, and that for almost three years, sometimes is just too much.

My lovely mummy and brother are the best people in my life, and today they managed to make me smile :)

So I'm blessed with beautiful people ( my daddy too ) I'm getting a tattoo for them in september that's gonna say : You are my sunshine when skies are grey

So my lovely sunshine readers, here are a few pics of my smile in The Hague :)

loads of love, sunshine and happiness



Pffff this weather is the weirdest

So yesterday it was a hot day, but today was just such a difference from the non-summer we've been having, my body thinks this is just to much to handle so I think it's just bikini weather or stay-in-your-underwear-because-it's-just-too-damn-hot-to-put-clothes-on-day.

The thing is, it's not even that hot, I mean it's just summer ( and that's wonderful ) but it came so late, that my mind was kind of in fall already.

So no flirty fun outfits these days either, just because of the total SHOCK of warm weather, I'll try to put something cute on tomorrow though, 'cuz I just look lame in my shirt and jeans shorts ( not really fashionable.

And when I did feel like making an effort:



Braided bunch

Heyy guys, sorry I haven't been posting a lot of my outfits and clothes and ideas and such but I haven't been feeling good at all. So this morning I went to the doctor's and today I am feeling ok.

Wanted to show you a little outfit of the day, Bear wanted my attention and so she stole my spotlight haha.

I'm wearing docs, h&m leggings, berschka top, grandma's bracelet

lotta love xxxx



First of all this model is of course DROP DEAD GORGEOUS but I also LOOOOVE everything she's wearing from H&M, I'm really loving this style, way to go H&M !!

all pictures are from hm.com

Shopping all this and rocking it the way this beauty does is my next mission in life

looads of love x