Pffff this weather is the weirdest

So yesterday it was a hot day, but today was just such a difference from the non-summer we've been having, my body thinks this is just to much to handle so I think it's just bikini weather or stay-in-your-underwear-because-it's-just-too-damn-hot-to-put-clothes-on-day.

The thing is, it's not even that hot, I mean it's just summer ( and that's wonderful ) but it came so late, that my mind was kind of in fall already.

So no flirty fun outfits these days either, just because of the total SHOCK of warm weather, I'll try to put something cute on tomorrow though, 'cuz I just look lame in my shirt and jeans shorts ( not really fashionable.

And when I did feel like making an effort:


3 opmerkingen:

  1. The weather where I live in the states is completely crazy! One day it's really perfect and cool out and the next it's 100 degrees!

  2. very pretty!!!