New year

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So tonight's New Years Eve, I'm hoping and praying 2014 will be better for me, for all the people I love and all the people around the world who deserve it oh so much. 
Happy New Year already!
I might start blogging more or even starting a whole new blog. New year new life new love new hope.

HAPPY 2014



It's beginning to look a lot like ....

I don't really like winter because it's why I had my accident. But what I do loooove is CHRISTMAS, and particularly the time before Christmas. Because everything is decorated and I can watch Christmas movies, wear Christmas socks, drink christmassy drinks and I just love that man.

I got socks from Primark, and my dad brought the december issue of vogue  from London!
I would love to go to London now and just watch the shop windows and be in awe.

love xxx



head of scarves

I have an ongoing love for scarves, even so that I wore wollen scarves with a T-shirt in high school. Now that I won't do again any time soon but I wear a scarf almost, well actually every single day. But they are big wollen scarves now that it's cold. And I seem to wear the same three ones while a have over a dozen. So today I got my fancy scarves out, I inherited them from grandmothers, aunts, my mom and my moms best friend. But this red little number, I have honestly no idea how I got it. Nevertheless it's stunning, I've had it for as long as I can remember.
Now I'm gonna lay down for a moment ( I don't know how I'm gonna do that with scarf creation, I might take it out and tie it up again later ) Then this afternoon I have a doctors appointment again. For the last few weeks I've had doctors appointments every other day.
I do hope this is gonna be the last one in a while.
Remember you are kind, smart and important!
Have a good monday!


I won't give up on us

A couple of instagrams from summer.
now on to winter
kisses and hugs


Things get rough.

Sorry for not blogging at all, my personal situation has been a kind of hell. I do hope we're all facing the sun now so the shadow will fall behind us.

Here is an outfit from some time ago.



My outfit the other daaaaaaaaaay

top Asos jacket Berschka skirt Asos flip-flops Esprit cap New Era sunglasses Asos

And I got a new Phone case! from etsy.com/goditfeelssogood check her out!



It's raining it's pouring

So as you can see not the most exciting outfit but so comfy, if I wasn't wearing flip-flops it wouldn't look so casual but hey I was in pain.

As you can see the weather in Holland is crazy. Yesterday I was sunbathing, today I am watching tv and staying in. I made my family cupcakes the other day. I added so much chocolote that they died and went to chocolate heaven ( figure of speech )



Showing me loving



The sun is visiting today! wooohoo

my hat's H&M, shirt is from ASOS shorts were H&M mens I cut off boots Docs

My doggie Bear got a haircut so she's not really a wild Bear anymore, more a Teddybear.



Walking outfits are meant for all purposes

the trees in The Hague are so fucking gorgeous

In my own town it's a little rainy and cold and blah.
I have been walking past this mill all my life but now the outside has been redone so it popped in the scenery.




So last week when I was feeling allright ( I was actually in quite some pain ) my mum wanted to go to this little museum and since it was my dad's only day off I decided to join even though I wasn't feeling allright. It was a nice little house that belonged to the Huygens family. It's the country house though and it has a pretty big garden. The huygens were famous for their inventions and poetry. Now for more information you're going to have to look them up or search Christiaan Huygens or Constantijn Huygens. Due to my braindamage and pain I have not been able to take in much information.

It was however a beautiful day, the sun shined and I was with my family.

only love my lovelies



90s top buns on top

Hey guys my outfit of yesterdaaaay plus the lovely salad I made rrrrrefreshing



I had the best day with you today

So after being sick for weeks I'm slowly getter better and I am able to leave the house for a couple of hours at the time. I went to beautiful The Hague with mommy yesterday. We went shopping but I didn't buy anything, normally I'd be bummed out but I was too busy being happy that I was able to be out with my mommy. I love you to the moon and back!



My doggie Bear being all photogenic and my make up today.