So when I first saw this sweater I wasn't crazy about it, but now I practically live in it. The inside is so soft I wanna sleep in it, go to school in it, swim in it perhaps. For now I'll just wear it when it's chilly, and at home and at night, oh who am I kidding I never want to take it off.

Me is wearing: AA leggings, shoes local shop I guess?



You can leave your hat on

Hi guys, so I didn't wear this today because my ootd is pj's, I'm in pain and veeeery tired so I thought I would blog another ootd.

My dad and brother had the hardest time finding me a present from NYC, so I'm glad they got this beanie. They also got one in bright bright bright pink, which first made me go ughhh. But then I thought I might be able to grunge it up so I think that'll be allright.

My dad always makes me laugh when he's picking out clothes for me, I've got one word for you ladies and gentlemen: Pink. It will be pink, garanteeeed. Which just cracks me up.

What I was wearing: beanie; NY, top; thrifted, jeans COS, sneakers; Nike, scarf; Pieces

loads of loveeee coming your way


Windy Places

So the sun is out today ( it's still freezing don't let this outfit fool you ) and my brother decided to help me with my outfit of the day, I was having fun with my doggie ( I didn't actually crush her, she's my baby ) and all was well in the land of the Netherlands.

I was wearing; docs, and the rest is H&M

Have a lovely lovely day!
I hope the sun is out wherever you are!


You gotta Hold On

Hey lovelieeees!! It's been so long. I thought I would start getting into blogging mode again with some tea and an outfit of the day.

I am wearing fake minnetonka's, a dress by H&M, a Zara legging underneith, a Zara scarf, an H&M Jacket, so it is an Zara/H&M day.

It's March and it's only like 5 degrees here. But at least I got to try a maxi dress over leggings, since I haven't tried that all winter.

I had some Lemon tea and it was delicious.

Have a great day everyone!


Een oceaan vol tranen is van mij.

I've got a whirlwind of ongoing crap going on since last summer. Everytime I think it's gonna get better it just gets a tad worse. Anyway I got a tattoo!!! I am going to have to make a decent pretty picture of it and because I'm still kinda chubby I don't feel like doing it now, maybe in a couple of weeks.

I've been in love with Racoon's Oceaan, it's a lovely song, you can check out here

I might get a tattoo of that song next haha.

loads of love xoxo