I thought that things like this get better with time.

So saturday April 13th it was my birthday and I turned 19! Since my accident birthdays aren't as fun anymore but who doesn't like getting presents? So since this is a fashion blog ( I guess haha ) I thought I'd show you some stuff I got.
I got the yellow shirt, the white long sleeve, the tie dye legging and the stripey sue shirt. They're all so comfy yet super cool! I couldn't be more excited!

I also got a book from Miranda Hart : Is it just me? , I loooooove her show and just her as a person, and a got gift cards and money so can't wait to go shopping.

Because I did have quite a few people coming over I am now in more pain than last week, and last week I wasn't feeling well, so two shitty weeks but you know what else is new

I'm so glad I have a roof over my head, food and water, A beautiful little family that is my mom, dad and brother who couldn't be more supportive. I couldn't have delt with all the crap headed my way if it wasn't for them. Oh and I still haven't shown you a pic from the tattoo I got for them!!

I will soon.

I wish you all health and happiness because those are the only things that matter in life.
Be kind to one another!
lottalovvvvveeeeeee xxxx


Lazy Easter Morning


Happy Easter! I'm just chilling at home, watched Cocoon yesterday an 80's movie which was kinda fun haha. It's a beautiful day today, my friend is coming over and for the rest I'm just gonna sleep, watch movies, maybe paint and blog.

Have a nice day!