I thought that things like this get better with time.

So saturday April 13th it was my birthday and I turned 19! Since my accident birthdays aren't as fun anymore but who doesn't like getting presents? So since this is a fashion blog ( I guess haha ) I thought I'd show you some stuff I got.
I got the yellow shirt, the white long sleeve, the tie dye legging and the stripey sue shirt. They're all so comfy yet super cool! I couldn't be more excited!

I also got a book from Miranda Hart : Is it just me? , I loooooove her show and just her as a person, and a got gift cards and money so can't wait to go shopping.

Because I did have quite a few people coming over I am now in more pain than last week, and last week I wasn't feeling well, so two shitty weeks but you know what else is new

I'm so glad I have a roof over my head, food and water, A beautiful little family that is my mom, dad and brother who couldn't be more supportive. I couldn't have delt with all the crap headed my way if it wasn't for them. Oh and I still haven't shown you a pic from the tattoo I got for them!!

I will soon.

I wish you all health and happiness because those are the only things that matter in life.
Be kind to one another!
lottalovvvvveeeeeee xxxx

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  2. Love the first look and love the last top! So cute. xo


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