Hey guys here's a make-up look I did today.  This pic has a filter on it. I kinda like my eyes here.


Blonde hair blowing in the summer wind a blue eyed girl playing in the sand.

It's a new dawn, a new day, a new life. This weekend I was in excrutiating pain. But today it's going alright so far. I have been having ''Runaways'' on repeat and it makes me so happy. Right now I'm gonna watch my series. I have been kinda addicted, we all do it right? I mean watch the whole dvd box at once.

It's a rainy misery day, but I am determined to make it a sunshiney day.
The carvings on the last picture are souvenirs my dad brought home from India it's the god Ganesha for knowledge.

lovee x



I made a little collage of what inspires me. None off the pictures are mine, all from tumblr.


Well 'ello and Bonjour!
Today it's freaking hot out finally! A few days ago I was wearing my wintercoat... Not all buttoned up, but still. I got this top at H&M last week and I have pretty much worn it every other day.
I have put on something floatier and airy now ( a very old H&M jumpsuit ) because the leggings were soooo warm on. Do you ever get the feeling that you're being burned when you're wearing black in the sun? I certainly did.
See you tomorrow buttercups!


Blurred Lines

Hiya people, so tonight I would've had my singing presentation ( I have taken a leap a few months ago and taken on singing lessons ) , but I feel awful. I have horrible stomach cramps so that's out the window. I was going to sing Clown by Emeli Sande. Check that out if you don't already know it.

So these pictures are from last week? or the week before that. My parents were in Paris and I was jealous so I dicided to dress up keeping in mind what I would wear in Paris mon cherie, and this was it.

Crop top ASOS, Blouse H&M, Skirt H&M, Earrings ASOS, Lipstick Tell me a Berry tale by Catrice

Best thing about parents taking off to Paris you ask? Well I got a candle from Laduree which has the most gorgeous candy flavour that fills my room with Parisian fairytales and candy dreams



Summer in the city

Bear got a haircut and it scared the crap outta her

So yesterday was preppy day, I felt really rich I even talked posh. It was the best

Top- Asos, collar COS, blazer H&M, Jeans Sutherland