My doggie Bear being all photogenic and my make up today.


I graduated in two subjects again!

So a couple of weeks ago I graduated in two subjects again ( I've had an accident and I have a whiplash and braindamage so I'm graduating highschool in small steps)

My brother and mom went with me to get my certificates. We wanted to go get a drink somewhere and we did. But as Despicable Me 2 is in theatres now, Mcdonalds have the little minion guys and I am obsessed! So we went to get some minions and I stole a balloon because I thought I deserved it.

Oh and there was a swan in my neighbourhood  with little babies! They were really big though.



all black errthing

Hi guys today is a Sunny day, I'm feeling blessed. Yesterday I went on a motorride with my dad and forgot all my troubles. I'm hopeful I'm gonna make it. Oh and I graduated in 2 subjects again! I'll show you pictures later.

Today I am thankful
for my beautiful family and the sun
It would be my grandpa's birthday today
but he's not with us anymore
but I'm sure he made the sun shine.
In my head and in my garden


Stop Harleytime

My dad got a new bike, he's on cloud nine and do am I. Right now we're gonna take it for a spin. ( I am not wearing this outfit though! )

SOOO happy



finally a sunny day yay